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HOPE Coalition America

HOPE Coalition America
I created HOPE Coalition America after 9/11, because of what I saw, felt and experienced, immediately following 9/11. The events of 9/11 were even more personal to me, because I had an office for Operation HOPE located at 1 Liberty, or right across from the former Twin Towers. My employees were amongst those running away from the crumbling Twin Towers buildings. And then in the sad days that followed, we heard about those that sadly lost their lives, ad we heard about the men and women of stature who lost companies, jobs and assets. What we didn’t hear about were the thousands of support workers at the Twin Towers whose families immediately had not only a human crisis, but a financial one. People who were living from paycheck to paycheck before the crisis of 9/11, were in an even deeper crisis afterwards. After Hurricane Katrina, our government attempted to send money to survivors to people who had no bank account to wire it into. And countless other examples of this same challenge in America — and around the world today. I created HOPE Coalition America (HCA) because 70% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck in this country, and things get considerably worse in their lives following a Presidentially declared disaster, but they have little to no resource support for them. People with home loans, and no homes anymore. People with car loans and no cars anyone. The Administrator for FEMA, Craig Fugate, says that "the number one reason why individuals don’t recover from disaster, is economics." I agree with him. I created HCA as the economic Red Cross for the nation, in the 21st century.

HOPE Coalition America


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February 1, 2015

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