IMG_6552This weekend I attended the Lotus Owners Club Atlanta meeting, where we toured Kinetic/Kia Racing, and afterwards joined famous race car driver Doc Bundy for lunch.  And it was over lunch, in conversation with Doc Bundy, that my passion for motorsports became much clearer.

Doc helped me to understand that in actuality, my passion for motorsports racing matches my profession.  Pushing the envelope of possibilities — but never placing the enterprise at risk, mental agility, crisp decision making in an instant, passion, adrenaline and focus — all wrapped up into one space, place and thing.

Playing a game of chess at 150 MPH, this is motorsports auto racing.

Motorsport auto racing is a thinking sport, relying on a certain individual achievement.  You benefit from the backing of a team, no doubt, but out on that track, it’s you and the automobile, and the decisions you make, in an instance.   And the magic of motorsports and auto racing is at its highest level when car and driver operate as one entity.  And when this happens, everything else in your world simply falls away.  There is no room for what worries you.

Lotus Club of Atlanta Flickr Album

After all of these years, Doc Bundy has not lost his passion for motorsport and auto racing. This is obvious after just one conversation with him.  He told me that not only is he not bored of tired of the sport after all this time, he feels most engaged in life and at peace with his surroundings when he is on a track. Doc’s career as a famous American race car driver is almost too much to chronicle in one place. But I am particularly taken with his time in the seat of Lotus race cars.  You can read about Doc’s complete race career here.

Okay, let’s go.

John Hope Bryant

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