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Bryant Group Real Estate (BGRE) believes in the untapped value of America, and specifically her under-served and low wealth communities.  This belief, drives many of our real estate investment decisions.


We believe that urban, rural, inner city and under-served communities represent some of the best uncorked potential in America today. Every inner-city in America, will be reclaimed by investors, even the young, up and coming (and hopefully diverse) middle class — and we plan to play a role in that.


Integrity stands at the center of everything we do.  “Never do anything, that you are not prepared to see on the front page of the New York Times in 5 years.”  This keeps life simple, elegant, efficient and sustainable. We operate in plain sight. This is our way. If we falter up, we do so by accident.


Transformation does not occur without vision, and our vision is the re-investment in and revitalization of the parts of America that many have written off. We see these same communities as the future. We see inner-cities simply as centrally located real estate.

They are not black communities, or brown communities, or white or yellow communities. They are misunderstood, neglected and untapped communities.  Communities, that could be both contributing the American prosperity story.  We see inner-cities as the last bastion of lost capitalism in America. Our vision, includes helping to change this. Doing well and doing good. Doing well, by doing good.

Who Are We?


Bryant Group Real Estate (BGRE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bryant Group Companies, Inc. and is focused on the investment in, development and management of real estate holdings owned and controlled by BGRE and its affiliates.

As a direct result of the experiences of its founder, chairman and chief executive officer John Hope Bryant, who was raised in an urban, inner-city community (specifically South Central Los Angeles and Compton, California), BGRE specializes in real property and markets deemed under-served and under-valued by the broader investment community, most specifically urban, inner-city and under-served markets in Southern California and throughout the United States.

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