IMG_0167Bryant Group Media manages both the commercial speaking engagements and the publishing rights for John Hope Bryant.

John Hope Bryant is principally a businessman and entrepreneur, but based on his proven ability to build global, sustainable organizations, create value-enhanced brands, and to produce public value for society and community at large, he is today a sought after thought leader; both in the continental United States and around the world.


Bryant’s ability to re-imagine everything, to convert problems and challenges into opportunity, and to see every problem as having a beginning, a middle and an end, has made him valuable to leaders who need help in seeing a (positive) way forward out of today’s leadership challenges.

Bryant’s philosophy is to ‘speak for a fee (commercially), so that he can then afford to speak for free (for community).’


The Bright Side Group

T: 609 924 3060
F: 609 924 6226
139 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Bryant Group Media

Chief of Staff: Rachael Doff

Office of the Chairman

Operation HOPE, Inc. (501c3)
Executive Assistant: Charmela Freeman

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