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Why I Love Formula 1, And Then Avoid It

I Formula 1, in part because I love excellence and Formula 1 is best in class when it comes to motorsports auto racing.  Best in class because automobile manufacturers pour unlimited resources into showcasing their brand and capabilities.  Best in class because of the...

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iRacing – My New Personal Therapy

It's hard to describe the adrenaline rush, and sense of pure expression that happens to a person when in the driver's seat of a precision crafted, laser scanned supercars and racing cars.  This is professional motorsports racing simulation, on a global scale.  iRacing...

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My Custom Motorsport Simulation Racing Rig

Designed and built in collaboration with Sevan Torossian (my IT Chief at Operation HOPE), in his spare time, this first ever Bryant Group iRacing Simulation Rig is truly a one of a kind.  And it's top of the mark. While it continues to evolve and to be actively...

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