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Excellence is the product.
Leadership the focus.
Performance the reputation.
Results the way.
This is my brand. We start where we stand.

Courage is nothing more than your faith, reaching through your fear, displaying itself as action in your life.

John Hope Bryant


There is a difference being broke and being poor.  Being broke is a temporary economic condition, but being poor is a disabling frame of mind, and a depressed condition of your spirit, and we must vow to never, ever be poor again.

John Hope Bryant

Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

From bestselling book “Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead In A Fear-Based World” (Jossey-Bass)

John Hope Bryant

Delta Air Lines Expands HOPE Inside the Workplace Partnership to New National Model

Delta gets it. For years the company has gone above and beyond to show its employees that they care. Their employees aren’t just workers. Ed Bastian and Delta have essentially made them shareholders and stakeholders through profit sharing. For the last six years, Delta has distributed at least $1 billion to its employees through profit […]

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Excellence in Black: Rolls Royce Brand Manager, and Much More.

So anyone that knows me, personally, knows that I am passionate about my mission of advancing and helping and empowering others, but I am also passionate about all things cars.  I believe that top car brands are similar to pieces of ‘art on wheels.’   During the course of my automotive experiences I often run […]

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How The Poor Can Save Capitalism

6a00d834515f7b69e201a511a2c2df970cAn inspiring and critically acclaimed new book builds a compelling economic argument for investing in America’s least wealthy consumers.
John Hope Bryant has made a wonderful, original, and visionary contribution for all of those who want to see economic inequality shrink in their lifetime.
Ambassador Andrew Young

When John Hope Bryant talks about how to expand the middle class, I listen. I urge everyone to read this book and discover for themselves John’s great ideas for creating an America with more shared opportunity and shared responsibility.
President Bill Clinton

One of the few and best plans for addressing poverty is outlined in this book. It lays out a clear and actionable path to address some of the issues that led my father to call for a poor people’s campaign shortly before his assassination. You will have a different perspective on poverty and ‘poor people’ when you finish reading this book and realize that in order to secure our economy, we must ensure that everyone is given a fair and just opportunity to prosper.
Dr. Bernice A. King

John Hope Bryant offers a compelling argument to build both capitalism and communities through the advancement of financial literacy among the poor and middle class. With the vision that all people should have the opportunity to participate fully in our economy, he enlivens the American dream.
William H. Rogers

Chairman, President & CEO, SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Love Leadership

love-leadershipIn a world where leaders are leading by fear, a dynamic young leader shows how leading with love and respect creates success in business and life.

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