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Bryant Group Motorsports is the natural extension of entrepreneur John Hope Bryant’s passion for everything motor-driven; from cars and supercars, to motorcycles, even the engineering and technological magic of modern airplanes and air-flight (where he spends a great deal of time every year).


Bryant Group Motorsports focuses John Hope Bryant’s passion and thought leadership on the global sport, the business, the untapped opportunity, even the philanthropy of the motorsport sector.Connecting a global sport with local communities.

JHB racing in South AfricaBryant earned a full competition SCCA racing license through Barber Racing School, and took a 3rd place podium finish in his first ever race; the 2-Hour Phakisa Endurance Race in South Africa, as a member of the Team FR-Shelby Racing Team there.

JHB at Ford Performance

Urban racing blueprint

Recognizing both the need for motorsports to broaden, deepen, diversify and expand its consumer customer base, and likewise the untapped talents and abilities of young people in underserved communities with respect to motorized everything, one primary focus of Bryant Group Motorsports (BGM) will be to establish an industrywide giving back program for the race cars industry. Specifically, involving former racing automobiles and inner city, urban and rural underserved K-12 schools.

This program would utilize both a motorsports industry curriculum, and likewise former competitive race cars, donated by auto manufacturers, insurance companies and racing groups/car owners, to communities and schools. This done to stoke and spark the imagination and aspiration of young people with levels of untapped potential in the sport. Think machine shop or automobile shop in high-school, rebooted.This program also carries with it a distinctive brand building and future customer cultivation opportunity for both the racing industry and automobile manufacturers alike.

In typical John Hope Bryant fashion, it’s a win/win.

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March 20, 2015

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