HOPE FILE Porgram was created by me because of my overwhelming belief in young people to change the world. To change ‘our world.’ I was further inspired to ‘do something’ when my personal hero and mentor, civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young told me that ‘impossible to have a movement without young people.’

I believe this wholeheartedly, in part because it is young people that have the hope and the optimism to change the world.  Young people may be skeptical about our world (and may have a reason to be, also), but it is often the adult population that sits in a state of cynicism.
Even within my own organizations, I have found a need to ‘reset’ the energy, as even the most well intentioned can become beat down and tired in their perspective. Young energy, and particularly the ‘new software’ that often comes out their higher education experience, often changes all of that.
My intent on creating HOPE FILE at Operation HOPE was to creating a new, cutting edge environment where young people outnumber ‘seasoned leaders’ five to one. Everyone should feel this youthful and hopeful energy nipping at their heels.
This is my vision for HOPE FILE. To help me with a movement that is now in the suites, rather than the streets. Silver rights will be powered by young people.
HOPE FILE will catalyze them for action.


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February 1, 2015

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