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I created HOPE Global Initiatives as the international outreach and engagement of our best-in-class work, outside of the continental United States. There are just about 7 billion people around the world, and I am convinced that 5 billion of them have never received the Memo on how the free enterprise system and capitalism works. They have never received an opportunity to express themselves in the modern definition of freedom — which I call ‘self determination.’

My mission with HOPE Global Initiatives is to deliver this Memo, to a new generation of young people, families, entrepreneurs and government leaders, desiring a change in their lives, and our world. We accomplish this through a variety of means, including ou6a00d834515f7b69e201a511b576c7970c-800wir on-the-ground work, including Operation HOPE, South Africa, our partnership and advisory work including Operation HOPE in Morocco, with the Moroccan Stock Exchange, Operation HOPE in the UAE, with the Emirates Foundation, Operation HOPE in Saudi Arabia, with SEDCO Holdings, HOPE Global Forums and our Annual Meeting, which brings more than 40 nations together in Atlanta, Georgia, and Global Dignity, which is active in more than 70 countries.

We have focused on delivering The Memo to and for the poor, the underserved and the left behind, through my bestselling book, “How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding The Path to the Middle Class. The Solution for the 100%.” The book has now been translated into Arabic, Korean, Greek, Portuguese, and soon Spanish.

HGI is my calling card of HOPE, to and for our world.

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March 23, 2015

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