Project 5117


Project 5117 was created by me in 2013, as both the new business plan for Operation HOPE, and our mandate for changing communities, one school house, one bank branch, one retail location, one church and community resource center and government office at a time.  One 4-square block area, by one 4-square block area at a time.

Project 5117 stands for 5 Million Kids, to make smart cool so kids want to stay in school. 1 Million kids to proceed through HOPE Business In A Box Academies, spiking and nurturing their economic energy, 1,000 HOPE Inside locations, bring HOPE inside of bank branches, credit union, grocery stores, big box retailers, government offices, houses of faith and a host of other locations. And finally, all of this leading to 700 credit score communities. We believe that “nothing changes your life more, than maybe God or love, than moving your credit score 120 points!”

Today, our mission is focused on making free enterprise work for all.  We are focused on finishing what President Abraham Lincoln had in mind when we created the Freedman’s Bank, and what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his life for with the Poor People’s Campaign.  That means creating the first ever national private banker for the working poor, the underserved and the teetering middle class. Individuals with ‘too much month at the end of their money.’ We will achieve this through what we call Project 5117.

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February 1, 2015

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